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140 Christmas Hills Rd
Elizabeth Town

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Book now or drop in during our visitors hours and add Llama Farma to the top of your To Do list in Tasmania! Already visited every zoo and wildlife park?

You don’t want to miss out on the hands on adventure at Llama Farma. A real working farm that you can participate in caring for and meeting the animals face to face, no cages or bars between you.

Llama walking in beautiful Australian bush-land is a unique attraction to make your Tasmania holiday special. Fun entertainment for the whole family. Choose your own adventure!


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We are a working farm and require all visits to be booked so we can be ready to meet you! Can't see your preferred time?.. please message us and we'll fit you in if we can!

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Meet the Family

Meet the gorgeous Llama and staff that make up Llama Farma. Put faces to names

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Get back to nature at Llama Farma in beautiful Elizabeth Town, Tasmania..
Conveniently located between Launceston and Devonport.
Learn about Llama and marvel at their placid and happy nature with a guided trek through bush land or our lush green pastures.
Choose from our selection of Llama interactions.
Llama’s quiet companionship will get you up close and personal with the wildlife…birds, bees, flowers and trees that are native to the Tasmania as well as find some fun photo opportunities. 
It’s time to get out and experience nature in the green heart of Tasmania with a friendly Llama to keep you company.

A wonderful hands-on experience for the whole family.

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Jess - YokiFreckles Tasmania- Trip Advisor

We loved our experience at Llama Farma and definitely recommend this incredible attraction to both locals and tourists when they are in the area.

Its obvious from the outset that the llama (and alpaca) are all well loved, cared for and happy at the farm. The standard of care and ethical treatment of their animals is very impressive.
Our experience lasted approximately an hour. Our guide, Phil, was knowledgable, accomodating and very friendly. He was clearly very experienced with the animals and made us feel confident being able to interact with them and walk them on a lead.
He offered to take as many photos of us as we wanted and we didnt feel rushed at all during our experience. We even took the llamas through their own obstacle course and fed them during and after their walk.
Paris, another member of the team, was also a pleasure to deal with.
The llama themselves are amazing. Definitely an unforgettable experience. Being able to be near them, interact with them, touch them, feed them etc is brilliant. They are very friendly, each with their own personality.
Highly recommended.

Anne Trip Advisor

An Unforgettable experience

The Llama walk was a great experience for my family. The girl, Paris, was very friendly and energetic, and took us to see the llamas. There were lots of llamas to walk, and there were plenty of snacks for the llamas during the walk. The llamas were very friendly, and there was a large space to walk the llamas. The whole experience overall was extraordinary, and I recommend it very much.

Isabel Germany - TripAdvisor

Isabel and I had a fantastic time spending some quality time with our new llama friends Malala & Pepita. Malala was very out going and curious and Pepita is a bit cheeky and fun. Our hosts Natalie and Paris were exceptionally welcoming and friendly. Paris guided us on our adventure and was very knowledgeable and we enjoyed chatting and getting to know all about the lamas and the team as we strolled around the beautiful property. We even had a couple of special moments, where we had a close encounter with 6 of the cutest baby ducks, and got to hang with all the lady llamas. 🙂 we look forward to seeing the team and the llamas again #llamafarmanodramas

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Come For a Visit

140 Christmas Hills Rd
Elizabeth Town

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