Llama Charity Hike

LLama Farm Charity fundraiser 2020! 

As our wonderful Llama are giving back to the Tasmanian Community. Hiking 12km on the Tasmanian Trail to raise money for Charity and the Tasmanian Trail.

We had people come and support out from all over Australia on the day, we had coverage from ABC news. All finished up with a beer at the Railton Hotel at the end of the day to celebrate actually making it 12km’s piece of the Tassie Trail.
Fundraising for 2021!
All our charity activities are now through Access Llamas a not for profit organisation that focuses on providing community services to support less abled people, aged care and special needs people. Follow Access Lamas for the lastest charity event raising activities around Tassie https://accessllamas.org.au
Charity Llama Hike
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