Llama Charity Hike

"A fun and gently undulating 12km Hike.. choose a section or the complete Llama Hike"

Will you join Us in 2020? 

As our wonderful Llama are giving back to the Tasmanian Community. Hiking 12km on the Tasmanian Trail to raise money for Charity and the Tasmanian Trail.

We’d love you to come along as a hiker or even pop in along the trail on the day & say Hi .. give a Llama a pat and our hikers some encouragement – and maybe join us for a beer at the Railton Hotel at the end of the day to celebrate actually making it 12km’s
Watch our Facebook page for 2020 Registration opening… there’s limited space for this awesome opportunity.
Charity Llama Hike
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Hike FAQ

All the questions about the Charity Llama Hike.. Did I forget something?  Ask me in our FB Chat group "Charity Llama Hike"


Llama FAQ

Do they spit? How big do they get? All the goss!


Wow, looks like you're a real Llama lover - or you just have a big heart!

Thanks for your interest in joining us.

Included in your walk is:

  • An awesome 12 km Llama Hike
  • Get to know a llama.. the best hiking buddy you'll ever meet
  • A Llama Farma "i Brake for Llama" sticker
  • The enormous satisfaction of knowing you helped Tassie communities in need get back on their feet
  • Membership & access to the Amazing Tasmania trail for 1 year.
  • A Tasmanian Trail Badge of honour to add to your hiking gear or pack

This is a Tier 1 Hiking Trail: Well defined and wide track on easy to moderate terrain, in slightly modified natural environments. You will require a modest level of fitness. Recommended for beginners.

We appreciate you also requesting sponsorship's for your hike! Any monies raised will go directly to the nominated 2020 Charity. More information will be provided in a welcome pack once registered.

      • Full Hike approximately 12 km

      Varying surfaces from farm lanes to bush tracks and unsealed road surfaces. Undulating terrain.

      Incorporates all of the following legs.

      • Leg 1 : 5 km approx
      • Unsealed track, abandoned rail trail

      This covers the first section of the hike. Undulating terrain and bush tracks of the Caroline Creek forest reserve.

      This trail has a green start as we traverse a short section of farm lane trail adjacent to lush grassed cattle paddocks.

      This section has recently been in dispute and thanks to the vigilance of the Tasmanian Trail Association we have a beautiful Trail to hike.

      Before long we hit some scenic bush-land and we forge along the beautiful abandoned Sheffield to Railton rail trail that bridges the divide between wild Aussie bush and lush Tasmanian pasture. Opened in 1913 and abandoned in 1957 this trail had a short but illustrious career as an spur of the Devonport to Deloraine train line established in 1882 and still in use today.

    • Marvel at natures beauty as we make a morning snack and adventure stop at the picturesque Redwater Creek Waterfall and Caves trail. A wonderful area donated for access by the Tasmanian Trail Association members by a kind land owner. The apex of these trails give you a lovely view over the bushland in the area. Take a cold drink and have a short hike to explore this gorgeous area while the Llama have a break and snack too.
      • Leg 2: 3 km approx
      • Unsealed track, abandoned rail trail

      As we traverse the path looking down onto the fascinating Stoodley Plantation you can see the many varieties of trial plantation timbers.

    • The plantation focuses attention on some interesting remnants of the old plantings and shows how an area of intensive wood production can be used for a pleasant recreational experience. The original wooden water trough on the Sheffield side of the plantation was built in the early 1900s on the only flat ground on the long pull up from Lowes Bridge at the bottom of the hill. This trough was a regular stopping place for horses and their riders. Traction engines would also stop here to top up their boilers. The waylay in front of the water trough offers a stopping place for motorists and provides a very pleasant view of the surrounding plantations.Crossing the road takes us into a different world - continuing down the trail lovely pine plantations take over from bushland. This is a very pleasant walk. Reasonably flat/gradually undulating with one short sealed road crossing. Taking in the every changing face of the trail that is the beauty of the pines and bush land.
      • Leg 3: 3 km approx.
      • Unsealed road, gently undulating

      An easy walk along an unsealed road, partially lined by wildflowers and surrounded by lush Tasmanian pasture land.

    • You're almost at our lunch spot. Enjoy walking with the Llama in an unchallenging and relaxed environment. Rambling down the quiet road to the beauty of Sykes Sanctuary.Take some time to enjoy the beautiful and enigmatic sculptures and welcome family and friends to join us for a late lunch break before we finish off our hike into Railton.
      • Leg 4: 1.5 km approx.
      • Bush track, one minor road crossing

      Starting in the fascinating Sykes Sanctuary, this is a spiritual and intriguing site where visitors can quietly sit and listen to birdsong, see wildlife in their natural environs and reflect on life, the Universe and everything.This part of the hike is a lovely section for children. (All children must have a supervising adult present at all times).

      Finishing our walk at the lovely Lions Park in Railton.

      There's no need to rush home from here! Join us for a celebratory drink 20 m up the road at the Railton Hotel; while the Llama have a rest in the pen before their trip back to the farm.

      There's plenty to see if you're waiting for a pick up or you've done a shorter leg and are waiting for the your group to finish the Hike. The charming village of Railton is the ‘Town of Topiary’.


There are over 100 individual topiaries in various stages of growth including Cradle Mountain National Paddock behind Looking Glass Cottage "Fibre Optic Magic". Railton's historic main street was made double-width so pioneer settlers could turn a bullock team in one turn

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