Hike FAQ


A fun and gently undulating 12km Hike.. choose a section or the complete Hike

The Sheffield to Railton Rail Trail is part of the long distance ‘Tasmanian Trail’ which runs the full length of the state from north to south – 480km from Devonport to Dover. Establishing a trail over this distance requires the hard work of many volunteers.

Your registration fee in part goes towards a membership to the Tassie Trail Asn to build, maintain and support this fantastic trail and its volunteers.

This part of the trail traverses a variety of countryside in a very picturesque part of Northern Tasmania.

There's so many beautiful spots to enjoy on the hike.. including Sykes Reserve and Stoodley Plantation

See the famous murals at Sheffield, and the Topiaries at Railton

Raise money through sponsor ship for yourself or Sponor a Llama!

Do I need to be a mega super awesome hiker to do this?

LOL, NO. There are plenty of other places to test your hiking chops. This is all about a fun, Llama-y, crazy day with

friends and family. You can run, walk, crawl, or cartwheel if you wish!

Is the Charity Llama Hike timed?

This is not a timed event but we do need to meet up with our next leg group so a steady pace is preferred. We will have regular breaks to enjoy the environment along the way.

Can I take photos or film at the event?

Snap away! This is a great event to get great pics for your memories, to post to Insta, Facebook or Twitter and such. We welcome anyone to photograph or film at our event. So please, come along, enjoy the day and take shots until your colourful heart is content. We'd love to see them in the fb group! All we ask is that you use our hashtag #LLAMAFARMAHIKE. If you are having too much fun to bother taking pix, don’t stress; we will have our group leaders taking a few though the day these images will be available to steal off of our Facebook after the event, so make sure your smile is visible.

Can spectators attend?

Yep – We’ll be stopping off at designated rest points/pick up/drop off points for our different legs , so spectators are free you come down and watch the fun, donate to the fundraising and feel bad ‘cause they didn’t enter.

How do I get there?

 Get your Nan or Mum or even your best mate (if they’re super lame and aren’t doing the Charity Llama Hike with you) to drop you off at your designated DROP OFF point.. and if they love you and want you back they might even pick you up where you finish too. Maps will be provided for these logistical super stars. If you’re awesome and doing the full 12k.. ask them to save us a stool at the Railton Pub for post Hike drinks. We made it 12km’sf or charity we deserve a medal dammit.. but I’ll take a beer!


What’s in it for You?

Other than an amazing day of fun and llama (and a kinda super bargain Llama Experience), your entry fee includes membership to the Tassie Trail Association and a awesome Tassie Trail badge to show off however you like.. mines going straight to the llama packs. You’re welcome.

  • An awesome 12 km (or part thereof) Llama Hike
  • Get to know a llama.. the best hiking buddy you'll ever meet
  • A Llama Farma "i Brake for Llama" sticker
  • The enormous satisfaction of knowing you helped Tassie communities in need get back on their feet
  • Membership & access to the Amazing Tasmania trail for 1 year.
  • A Tasmanian Trail Badge of honour to add to your hiking gear or pack

Is there an age limit for younger hikers? 

Kind of – entry for the 12km full hike is for 12 years (supervised by a responsible adult) and over only. We have great shorter sections that would suit younger children – particularly Leg 4 a 1.5km bush path that is perfect for young adventurers– great for any age.

Am I able to receive a refund?

 Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds. The logistics of setting up and planning the event make it impossible. All funds are forwarded straight to our charity partners when received – so it’s gone to a good place! Just make sure you are good to go before signing up. If for some reason you can’t make it to race day, you're welcome to transfer your registration over to someone else by emailing us at admin@LlamaFarma.com.au

Obviously, don’t try and email us on hike day – we’re gunna be busy

DECLARATION AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY must be completed and returned to Organisers before event day. You will be sent a copy with your registration.




How far is it from start to finish?

 We are a casual mob, so our best estimate is 12km. Give or take. Don’t worry too much about that, just enjoy the


Is it hard? 

That’s pretty relative; easy for the Llama.. I need a rest occasionally… so if you’re slightly active and not completely couch bound you should romp it in.

Can I hike with a jogging stroller and my kids? 

Yes – legs 3 & 4 would be particularly suitable for a jogging stroller. Please be sure to register one adult per child attending. Children must be fully supervised at all times; the Trail does incorporate roads and is a multi use Trail.

Can I bring my scooter or bike?

 Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, the answer is no. Sorry!

Can I hike with my dog?

 Well behaved dogs on a lead are welcome. Our Llama are very well trained and aren’t concerned about friendly dogs at all. Dogs spots are very limited and your dog must be dog/child/llama friendly. Please do not bring your dog unannounced. Any aggressive or disruptive dogs will not be permitted to join the hike.

Am I going to get dirty?

Seriously? Possibly, you’ll get dirty. Bashing through the bush with Llama you could get covered in mud / dust / dirt/ llama hair (if they really like you and want to smooch) etc but it’s not like you’ll contract the plague. Take usual precautions with scrapes and scratches to be totally safe, but other than that enjoy it!

What should I wear?

We suggest you wear long sleeve & leg walking clothing and comfortable shoes that you have walked/hiked distances in before. We’re not hiking to China but happy feet mean happy hikers! …and the llama won’t carry you if they hurt.

What if it’s too hard?

We aren’t the Police, you know. If you’re tired and want to be picked up you can arrange a pick up at the next meet up point. We do ask that you sign in & out with the group leader so we know where everyone is. Then go check if the beer is cold and save us a stool at the Railton Pub… we’ll be there soon! No biggie.

Is water supplied? 

Food and drinks are available at the finish line, however entrants are encouraged to BYO water bottle. October in Tassie isn’t super hot but; as with all bush walking; we ask that everyone take the minimum precaution of having a water bottle on your person at all times. We also recommend you take normal weather protection precautions. Slam down some pre-workout stuff from a gym junky mate if you must; you’ll feel like a warrior!

Do you have “cleaning stations” at the finish line?

Our finish point at the Railton Lions Park has public bathrooms perfect for a quick clean up before heading the extra 40 steps (we can make it!) to the Railton Hotel for-post hike celebrations. Don’t brush off all the Llama hair though, you did good! It’s is like a badge of honour!


Can I create a team?

Why not! Get a band of mates together, dress in questionable outfits, and call yourselves a team. To ensure you stay together, it’s advisable that you all enter and pay together, prior to the event, to ensure you all get the same wave time.


Is this hike a Charity Event?

Yes Absolutely! All profits go straight to charity - 'RV'ers to the Rescue' (Charity collection #10701) and part registration fee ($30) goes to support the Tasmanian Trail.

Our Hike will take us along the iconic Tasmania Trail.

Our goal is to two things.

  1. a) raise money for Rver's to the Rescue (Tas charity collection #10701) to distribute to Communities and business affected adversely by the devastating 2018/19 Tassie Summer Bushfires.


  1. b) raise money and awareness through membership for the Tasmanian Trail.

The Trail in the Southern part of the state was also affected by the fires and is still in the process of being cleared again for use. Completely maintained by volunteers with no government funding.

The Tassie Trail was also affected by the same bushfires; causing closures along the southern section of the Trail. Closures during repairs are still underway today (July 2019) to make the Trail safely usable again. The Iconic Tasmanian Trail receives no government funding and is volunteer maintained., so by taking part you are supporting our community.

The Nitty Gritty...


Is there insurance?

 You bet our covered bum there is! Your entry fee provides limited insurance cover, under a public liability scheme provided by the Tasmanian  Trail Association as a part of their membership (another awesome benefit of membership). Llama Farma as a business also has insurance. However your entry conditions also include acceptance of the waiver. Full details can be requested by emailing info@llamafarma.com.au

Am I likely to get hurt?

 This Charity Llama Hike is only gently challenging but will cross dirt roads, bush tracks and paddocks. The course will be covered with sticks, burrs and rocks, because this even happens in the outdoors.

It’ll also be spring in Tasmanina… That means it could be freezing and raining or a sunny warm day (we’re hoping for the latter), so we advise you use your common sense and be prepared. There is also the possibility of snakes, spiders and similar creatures of evil – stay away from anything of the like.

The start of course runs somewhat adjacent to the Redwater Creek, however this is not part of the course – it is a creek, and as such carries its own hazards.

Is there first aid available?

The Llama Farma will provide emergency care to everyone four and two legged. Group Leaders will be carrying a first aid kit and support crew will have an even bigger one – in case you need extra extra bandaids. If first aid is required along the track, locate the nearest group leader or volunteer (fluoro vest people) and they will assist you.

DECLARATION AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY must be completed and returned prior to event.


What if I have a super sweet question that isn’t answered here?

Please email info@LlamaFarma.com.au and we will hook you up with an answer. You can also join us in the event group on Facebook, for gossip, tips and info.

For information about Sheffield or Railton, accommodation options and where to find a quality meal, we suggest you hit up their websites. There’s no massive website address here – Google it, like a normal person, flick us an email or ask in the event FB group.

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