Our Llama are important to us, why?

They are good for your heart.. and the Earth

Our farm is set up for the unique husbandry requirements of our wonderful animals. With their dietary preference for forage rather than green grasses Llama are able to withstand dry conditions for longer than most livestock, luckily not always necessary in our lush Tasmanian pastures but having a minimal effect on our environment is a positive aspect of their care.

Llama are a great eco friendly fit for Australia’s farming climate.


They preserve nature

During our walks we are pleased to note that the Llamas soft feet cause minimal soil disruption and ecosystem disturbance, far less than horses or Australia’s other traditional livestock.

We aim to leave our environment as we find it…we follow the Leave no Trace philosophy.

There has been extensive study in the USA on the impact of Llama on hiking trails due to their usage permitted with in the national parks. A Llama’s eco footprint is indiscernible from a hikers over sensitive terrain.

So they really are you best hiking partner, whether you just need a helping hand over unsteady terrain or a friend to help with your bags.

A llama can go anywhere you can and loves the adventure.

Llama help us help the Earth

A large part of our farm is given over to the conservancy of the Black gum (Eucalyptus Ovata), this beautiful part of our heritage is critically endangered.

We’re very lucky to be able to protect a naturally occurring large stand of these trees with in a conservation area on our property.

This conservancy is also home to varying Australian wild life. Everyone from echidna to wombats and barred bandicoots call this area Home.

The Black Gum is a vitally  important part of the life cycle of the far travelled  and also critically endangered Swift Parrot.

Upon returning to Tasmanian soil from the mainland the Ovata provides a much needed food source for these weary travellers.

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