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Hi! We are Natalie & Paris, two women with a passion for animals— Llama make us happy.

With the support and help of our amazing family we run and own Llama Farma because Llama experiences and walks in spectacular Tasmania are a unique way to make your holiday amazing!

At Llama Farma, we believe there is a better way to “do life”. A more valuable, less invasive way where friendships are earned rather than bought. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it. And our Llama are hard taskmasters – they want to hear your stories.. they believe your heart; furthermore they believe the love, care and leadership you show them.

We truly believe in the trans-formative  power of animals and their ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere. Good relationships and good humans come from empathetic engagements with animals.

The idea for Llama Farma was born many years ago when Natalie saw the calming and healing impact animals had on her daughter Paris, seeing her own love of animals echoed in her daughter. Watching the positive impact on her isolated and disillusioned child her heart sang. When you love Animals; you have a trust worthy friend..

Paris has Autism Spectrum Disorder – a neurological diversity – and has found the neurotypical world a hard and unforgiving place. Bullying, isolation and rejection are common fair for Autie & Aspie people. Children and adults alike – ASD doesn’t disappear when you hit 18. Leaving school and joining the workforce is a difficult transition with 92% of ASD people remaining unemployed.

Meeting Llama and connecting the dots to a successful business came in time. Knowing a family run animal based business provided a safe gateway to employment for Paris was a driving force. After a lot of research, learning and meeting amazing mentors our gates opened to the public in 2015.

Paris is an amazing guide and advocate for the business; Her knowledge and passion for the animals shines through creating a magical experience for visitors.

Llama are the perfect animal for anxious new animal lovers and enthusiasts alike – They don’t judge and accept people’s differences. Because communication with them is nonverbal, it can alleviate the stress of having to talk and converse.  A relationship with an animal is a special one and can enrich a person’s life.

Let Paris and her team change your life with a Llama walk in beautiful Tasmania!


Family is where its at!

We're a Llama loving family who cross two states.  Our main farm and business are in Elizabeth Town, Tasmania. Our tech and admin hub is in sunny Queensland... the best of both worlds.

Llama - the Eco friendly livestock

Our farm is set up for the unique husbandry requirements of our wonderful animals. With their dietary preference for forage rather than green grasses Llama are able to withstand dry conditions for longer than most livestock, luckily not often necessary in our lush Tasmanian pastures but having a minimal effect on our environment is a positive aspect of their care.

Llama are a great eco-friendly fit for Australia's farming climate.


Protect our Australian landscape & save our Birds

A large part of our farm is given over to the conservancy of the Black Gum (Eucalyptus Ovata), this beautiful part of our heritage is critically endangered.We're very lucky to be able to protect a naturally occurring large stand of these trees with in a conservation area on our property.

This conservancy is also home to varying Australian wild life. Everyone from Echidna, Bandicoot & Quolls to Wombats call this area Home.

This habitat forest is an important part of the life cycle of the far travelled, and endangered Swift Parrot.

Upon returning to Tasmanian soil from the mainland the Swift Parrot needs the Black Gum. As the first flowering gum it provides a much needed food source for these weary travellers.


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140 Christmas Hills Rd
Elizabeth Town

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